Sunday, March 6, 2011

Store Update!

Hello there~
Angie signing in to announce a store update! As spring is quickly approaching (15 more days!) the sweet smell of love and freshly baked cookies is in the air. Though in our case, the cookies are made of clay~ (Which means they smell... like clay? Haha)

As our little treat to you, we've (finally*) compiled a few photos of our first batch of sweets deco cellphone charms in our growing Chocolate Chip cookie and Biscuit Collections!

But that doesn't mean the bakery hasn't been cooking up a storm! Every week we will be coming up with something new and better.

Each of these items shown can be purchased in our online store! (Click any of the images to take you to our store.)

We'd love for any questions, comments or critiques!. (Seriously, we thrive off constructive criticism. We're beginners; we know we're not perfect, and we have a long way to go.)

We'll see you very soon for a few exciting event updates and tutorials, we promise!

*(We're very sorry for the delay. There were many issues with our homemade light-box, and we're still fixing it up. Consider these Photo Collection try #1. More about this in the next post.) 

1 comment:

  1. Wow, I just randomly googled sweets deco and found this site. XD; NOT STALKING AT ALL. I just grew this obsession with sweets(fake or real) in the last few years so I keep searching them. D:

    Anyways I love the charms.~ My favourite are the ice creams and heart/teddy-shaped cookies. I hope you guys can sell lots at the crafter's corner if/when you get in.~ I don't know if this is a crit but Joel said he would buy them though the ribbon straps were a bit too girly for him. XD

    About the light box thing, a friend made one out of a white foldable laundry bin from the dollar store and some light bolbs to put on the outer sides of it. But I see you've already made one lol.