Saturday, March 19, 2011

*drumroll* Introductions!

So now that we have a couple of items under our belt, we figured it would be a good idea to introduce ourselves and get acquainted with everyone!

Angie and Steph

~The One that licks the spoon after the cookie batter is made~

Name: Angie
Age: 21
Zodiacs: Earth Snake, Cancer
Blood Type: O+
Favorite Season: Autumn 
Occupation: Visual Art Student, specializing in drawing installation
Food of Choice: Milk + Cookies. Any kind. Any combination. All cookies all the time.
Favorite Deco Item(s): Waffles, earrings, bows.
Specializes in: Those chocolate chip cookies :D

What is 'Sweets Deco' to you?

To me, it's a manifestation of my inner child :) It's the cute colourful accessories I used to wear, the dressing up and pretending to be some fictional character that I associate with cosplay and jewelery making in general. It's also the delicious looking foods that I used to make with my 'easy-bake' children's oven, except these don't taste as good (haha)

Any secrets to getting the perfect sweets deco?

I'd say the number one skill to master while decorating is patience. It can be really hard to get the colour of the cookie just right, and the hardest part to decorate with deco sauce is the cute little gingerbread bears. So far there hasn't been two alike. (Is that good or bad?) 

Alternately, when working with clay you have to work fast. Air dry clay can dry at different speeds depending on the brand, but I find adding water when it starts to dry up and  letting it sit when its too wet can be a very laborious and annoying. I'd rather just get 'er done right the first time, and once you're in the groove of it, its really not hard to do.

Random memory of getting started?

After our first fully decorated batch there was a period of time when Steph and I were too busy to continue crafting/were working on our online store and blog. When we returned to crafting, just lookiung at the completed charms would make us hungry... forgot that they were fake a few times :P

Best part of sweets deco?

My favorite part would have to be at the end, when the charms are all finished. They tend to be so adorable that I wish I could keep all of them and rotate which one to wear each day (yes, all 60+). At the same time, it makes me very happy when I see the faces of people light up when they find "the one" that's just calling out to them... and then end up fighting with someone over it >:D
I also like tricking people into thinking that they're real.

[ s e e d ]
~The sweet and salty one~

Name: Steph
Age: 22
Zodiacs: Dragon (Chinese), Sagittarius 
Blood Type: ??? (I don't know!)
Favorite Season: Spring
Occupation: Perpetual Student (Psychology/Anthropology Graduate, currently studying Human Resources)
Food of ChoiceI have to choose? I indulge myself in EVERYYYTHINGGG. Chinese Egg Tarts and Ice Cream (Not necessarily together...)
Favorite Deco Item(s): Waffles, things with bling.
Specializes in: Waffles, and resource procurement. 

 What is 'Sweets Deco' to you?
Adorbs! I love it as a craft because I like making stuff, and I love it as a product because it's oh so adorable! Plus it's like an homage to the best thing in the world ever: Food.

Any secrets to getting the perfect sweets deco?
Be creative! Try everything, even if it might fail. You never know what will work until you try it.

Random memory of getting started?
"Dude, we left it outside in the cold for like an hour... IT STILL SMELLS LIKE SPRAY VARNISH. When will it ever stop smelling????"
(It did after another hour. Or maybe we just adjusted to the smell...)

Best part of sweets deco?
Making food that isn't food! I love baking, but can't eat it all, so the ability to make things that look like food which aren't going to be eaten = win. Plus... they are OH SO CUTE!


Parting words:

Thank you so much for checking out our stuff and I hope you find something you like. We've spent a lot of time making the individual berries and mixing the right colours, tasting different sweets for inspiration so that we can make the most accurate looking deco items for everyone to enjoy. First and fore-most this is a passion, so any feedback you'd like to give on our items or your thoughts on sweets deco are greatly appreciated, and thank you to everyone that has helped us along the way to make Cafe Asta a reality.


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