Saturday, January 29, 2011

What is Sweets Deco and what do you guys have to do with it?

Sorry for the long hiatus since our last post.... we've been working really hard at school and work, and lost track of time. There would be more (and better!) pics of our stuff, but we're still working on making a lightbox. (And we tried posting pictures without a light box... it wasn't pretty. Darn you Canada and your dark winters.) Sorry for the delay!

We're going to start updating regularly soon, and we look forward to showing you what we have in store~

To begin, let's start with an introduction of how we'd define sweets deco~

What is Sweets Deco?

Sweet [sweet]
-noun. 1. sweets, pie, cake, candy, and other foods high in sugar content.

(Lactose-Free Red Velvet Cupcakes topped with homemade icing and a swedish berry. These are real and made by Steph.)

From the Japanese デコ[deko], which is short for decoration, but also encompasses the hobby of decorating items, such as a cell-phone with rhinestones.

(Angie's Blackberry deco'd with pearls, acrylic stickers and plastic roses.)

Put them together:
Sweets + Deco = Sweets Deco!

Decorating items with sweets (made of clay and resin and other materials)!

Like So:

(Decorated Nintendo DS case, available here in our Artfire store)

So what is Cafe ASTA and what do you have to do with Sweets Deco?

Cafe ASTA is our little venture into making sweets deco'd items. We specialize in make sweets style cell-phone charms, but we also decorate mirrors, DS cases, you name it! We also make lots of other jewellery.

This blog is where we'll be keeping track of the stuff we've made, as well as our food adventures and other related activities (mostly crafting posts... and eating posts. We love food, you will know this soon.)

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