Wednesday, March 23, 2011

[rant] On Photos and Light-Boxes

So our incredibly long delay in updating was due to our lack of photos (and because both Angela and I are inherently lazy, and yet incredibly busy with school and work and more school and a smidgen of social life). And honestly, the problem isn't fixed yet.

Re: Cameras

Neither of us have a fancy-pants D-SLR or anything of the sort. Angela says she only has a shitty super old point and shoot (Yo A, clarify what kind of camera you have), and I have in my possession a newer Sony Powershot of some kind... and yet I hate it. It's almost too user-friendly, and doesn't allow for manual adjustments (like focus ~_~). Sometimes my cell phone takes better pictures. Sigh.

It's not like we're clueless about camera stuff, Angela's worked at her uncle's photo development place, and I've done classes upon classes of graphic design and photography.... and yet, our product pics end up... less than preferred in quality.

We even made a light box... which might be too big, or made out of the wrong materials, because while it's helped.... it hasn't helped enough.

While I'd love to get a $800 fancypants D-SLR... right now, that's completely not feasible. So sad.

I should go ask the decoden community for help...

What do you use to take your pictures?

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