Welcome to our nook in the grand land of accessories; where our goal is to bring you deliciously non-edible accessories to adorn yourself and your home. In this nook, we eat and frolick often, and we would like you to join us in this adventure!

This blog will showcase our exploration in the world of crafting and fooding and food crafts! We will be sharing our experiences with sweets deco, as well as reviews on our favourite indulgences (you know, the real sweets. Nom nom nom.) So sit back, have a foamy mocha latte, and enjoy!

About cafeASTA

You know that dream you have about opening your own shop? Ours was to open a cafe. But the logistics are just.. so so so impossible (for now). So instead, we combined our dream with our love of crafts to bring you our very own special brand of sweets.

About the Bakers:
Angie and Steph

Born and raised in Toronto Ontario, Steph and Angie are jacks of all trades.
Brought together by power of an University Anime club they soon learned how often they randomly broke out into 90's pop song and dance. It was a match made in Heaven. Crafts only deepened that bond. Also food. Especially the sweet kind. Cafe Asta is a the ultimate outlet for all of their loves: food, make-up, photography, fashion, art, and of course crafting.

P.S "ASTA" is clearly an anagram of our names =D because we so smrt!