Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back from Atomic Lollipop!!

Here's a picture of the table we shared with Yoli-chan and deathofrats.Pictured is Steph doing something with her ear, and Yoli-chan looking adorable. Picture taken by deathofrats. Which is why she's not in the picture.

Steph's back from Atomic Lollipop! (Unfortunately Angela couldn't attend due to work, so Steph had to have double the fun for her) It was a ton of fun! She met a lot of great people, and enjoyed the sights and sounds (and the longest, most exciting ferris wheel ride of my life -Steph). It was actually the first time Cafe Asta has sold our stuff at a convetion, so it was a good test run for Otakuthon as well. (We have a lot of work to do....)

Atomic Lollipop seemed like a blast too, even though we (Steph, Yoli-chan and deathofrats) spent most of our time behind the Artist Alley table. There was SO MUCH SUGAR, it was delicious. They gave us free lollipops, and we bought $1 cotton candy. What a steal!

The carnival rides looked like they were lots of fun too! We only went on the Ferris wheel though, because we heard a lot of horror stories about the octopus ride. (It was pretty entertaining seeing a couple of our friends get off the ride, and be immobilized for about an hour because it was so nauseating). The Ferris wheel ride was surprisingly exciting, since it went on FOREVER. We were on it for a good 5 minutes. (It was a lot more fun than that sounds, really.)

We didn't stay for the overnight stuff (needed to wake up early to sell the next morning!) but from the sounds of it, those events were pretty exciting too. The free pancake breakfast Sunday Morning was delicious! (Fact: I will always focus on the food... -Steph)

There were a lot of events happening inside and outside, from pillow fights to fashion shows. We kept seeing people running in and out to go to these events. Kind of sad we didn't really get to participate, but there's always next year!

We will definitely be attending next year! A huge thanks to the organizers of Atomic Lollipop for running such an awesome event. Shout outs to Yoli-chan and deathofrats for being the best tablemates EVAR, and Jen S. and the girls of Atomic Ami for being such amazing artist alley neighbours. Check out their sites! They make amazing things!

After the cut: A closer look at what we were selling at Atomic Lollipop and what we will be selling at Otakuthon! (Unfortunately, Steph was too busy having fun to take pictures of the convention. Next time!)

Waffle Earrings! Mmmm, yummy.

Flower rings, hand mirrors, and hairclips!

(Because we haven't had time to update our store, if you'd like to purchase anything,, please email us at cafe.asta.sweets@gmail.com. Also, you can always email us to say hi, ask questions, chat, or send us pictures of your pets. We really appreciate all of the above. Especially the pets. /tangent about love for animals.)

Next event: Otakuthon! SO HYPED.

Did you meet Steph at Atomic Lollipop? Give us a shout! (I want to make friendsssss -Steph)


  1. Aww looks like you all had a great time! :) I'll have to go next year ^__^'