Saturday, April 9, 2011

Anime North 2011 Crafter's Corner

Just a quick update...
Cafe Asta is currently on the wait-list for Anime North 2011's Crafter Corner.

We are... #20  :(

We are... less than pleased, to say the least. We tried really hard to send our emails at the right time, and it was INTENSE. And it's not like we sent it late, in fact, Angela might have sent it one second too early (7:59:59) and Steph sent it right on time (timestamp was 8:00:00).

...and yet, neither of us got a table. (Angela got ignored... and Steph is waitlist #20.)

Ironically, on the AAtoast Livejournal Community (great resource for Anime North artists... or even Toronto artists in general. Super nice people!), there are people who received tables/higher waitlist positions than us, even though their timestamps are later than ours. Makes no sense.

But we will keep working hard! Have no table? No problem! We will just promote in a different fashion!

(We printed new business cards with the money that would've been used on tables!)

We actually have lots of plans in store for this year's Anime North, even if their Crafter's Corner registration process infuriates us, haha. We look forward to serving you all cookies, cookies and more cookies! Just watch this space for updates <3

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  1. Keep your eyes open for us, because we'll be carrying examples of our products and maybe a little something special for those that mention this post ;)

    The Crafter's Corner isn't the only place to have fun :P